Although double-glazed windows are incredibly resilient, nothing is fault-proof to a 100% degree, and a problem could develop after installation. The majority of problems, however, have very simple solutions, some of which can be solved without contacting an engineer. Read our blog post and see how to deal with the most common issues.

Difficulty opening

Windows can stick over time for various reasons. This raises ventilation and security concerns, not to mention the potential loss of an escape route in case of an emergency. Warmer weather and the sun directly hitting the windows can cause the UPVC to expand, making less of a gap for the window to open through. However, you should still be able to open them, but it may be slightly harder. Once the weather cools off, they will return to normal. Another reason could be that the mechanism may be stiff. This can often be resolved by oiling or tightening it. 


It’s usually okay to have a little condensation on your windows; this is typically just a result of the interior and exterior temperatures being too different, and it will go away in a few hours. Opening a window should speed up the process of eliminating the moisture if this is also the result of bad ventilation.

But if there is a lot of condensation inside the window or even between the panes, this might be a sign of something more serious. This may indicate that the window seals need to be replaced rather than the entire window because they are either broken or not functioning as they should. 


The discoloration is a risk with older UPVC windows. Both coloured and white windows could fade or turn off-white and yellowish. Although it usually takes a while, if they are facing the sun directly or if you are using a harsh window cleaner, the process may be sped up. By choosing the right cleaners and staying away from anything abrasive or harsh, you can prevent this from happening to your windows and lessen the risk of UPVC deteriorating.

These problems are all common but easily solved. If you have any more serious problems, feel free to contact our team at Truglaze today for advice, more information, or to find out how we can replace or upgrade your windows.