It’s important that we all do our bit for the planet, and these changes start with the things we do around our home every day. However it’s also important that we love the way our home looks as it’s the place we’re in the most, which is why we’re combining these two important aspects to explore how they can go together to create the perfect home upgrade. Another positive to these upgrades is that they will increase your home’s value, giving you even more reason to do these modifications today. Read on to find the eco-friendly home upgrades you can make that are also going to look good and leave you feeling proud of your home.

Eco-friendly home improvements 

A conservatory

One of the main options is to install a conservatory into your home. Not only do they increase property value and look amazing, they also let a large amount of natural light into your home. Natural light will warm your home, as well as brighten it up, meaning you’re going to be using less energy in your home. This decrease in energy usage results in cheaper energy bills and a more environmentally friendly home. 

Windows and doors

Another way you can upgrade to help the planet is by making sure your windows are double glazed and your doors are kept in good condition, and if they’re not to have good quality ones installed instead. Keeping these elements in good condition will eliminate drafts and will also lessen your need for central heating. This upgrade will also keep your home looking put together and stylish, especially when you choose a door from our stunning range.

Eco-friendly materials 

When we look at the materials we use for our home, we often find that the manufacturing process for certain materials can be damaging to the environment, or it’s not very easily recyclable which creates waste when it comes to replacing it. 


Aluminium is actually 100% recyclable, making it one of the most eco-friendly metals. It is often referred to as the ‘green metal’ as the fact it doesn’t have to be made from scratch every time saves a huge amount of energy. Aluminium is also extremely durable, meaning it doesn’t have to be replaced as often, again saving energy as well as money.

We also love aluminium because of its visual appeal. It’s sleek design and large selection of colour options means it looks good with an array of home styles and interior designs. 


Timber is an amazing option if you’re trying to make your home more eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint if you’re building your own home. This planet-saving material has the lowest energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions of any material, as well as not releasing any chemical vapour into the building due to it not being toxic. 

Making these changes is going to make such a big difference to the health of our planet, as well as the value and look of your home. So whether you’re wanting to add space with a conservatory, upgrade your windows and doors to eliminate drafts, or use aluminium and timber as your next building materials, all of these changes are going to massively reduce your carbon footprint and improve how you feel about your space. If you’re ready to make these upgrades then make sure you use Truglaze as your installers today!