Conservatories come in many different styles and shapes, with some being more suited to particular homes than others. The article will outline what they are all about so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your property. If not, don’t worry! Our experts here at Truglaze Windows offer professional advice on how to choose the perfect conservatory design for your home. We have years of experience in this field and we’re always happy to help out our customers by providing insightful information. Read our guide below and choose the perfect conservatory for your home!

Edwardian Conservatory

The Edwardian conservatory style is a perfect way to keep the traditional feel of your home whilst providing you with greater space. When you think about what type of conservatory to build, it’s important that you take into account the size and shape. We recommend an Edwardian style because it will give your home a classic feel whilst providing you with greater available space due to its versatile design.

Victorian Conservatory

This Victorian style conservatory will suit a wide range of home styles and is an all-time favourite among homeowners. It provides space for plants, seating areas or even dining tables to be placed inside the house without decreasing living space outside. If you’re looking to maximise your garden’s potential then this could be just what you need! Get in touch with us today for more information on our beautiful Victorian conservatories, we would love to help by providing advice and guidance so that you can have a conservatory which suits your needs perfectly.

Lean-to Conservatory

If you’re looking to add additional space for your family and entertaining, then an L-shaped conservatory could be the perfect solution. The L-shape means that there is more usable living space on a larger scope than what’s possible with a straight conservatory. This style of conservatory suits large properties especially well because it adds so much extra room without encroaching too much on existing outdoor spaces or garden areas – in essence this type of extension provides both inside and outside living at once!

Gable-end Conservatory

A gable-end conservatory is a perfect choice for those seeking to enjoy the natural beauty of sunlight in their home. With its pitched roof and front gable, you can flood your space with light while still enjoying an elegant look that speaks volumes about your style. If this sounds like something you’d love to have at home or would be interested in finding out more information on, give our team a call today! We are committed to providing exceptional customer service by making sure all customers receive personalised attention from start to finish.

With your new knowledge of the different conservatory style options available you should be ready to move forward with an installation. However, choosing a supplier and installer is also an important decision. You should take the time to research all of your options, find out who has experience installing conservatories like yours, and get quotes from them before making any decisions. If you need help choosing which style will work best for you, we can help! Contact us today with your questions or concerns so that we can point you in the right direction. We have years of experience installing quality conservatories so you can trust us to do it right!